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​Past Conferences

Unreal Estate? Rethinking Housing, Class and Identity
​City University of Hong Kong, 2017

Conference Themes

  • Financialisation and the built environment

  • Land tenure, housing and urban conflicts

  • Housing inequality and social stratification

  • Housing and comparative urbanism

  • Migration, mobility and identity

  • Gentrification, displacement and the right to the city

  • Affordability and the future of home ownership

  • Smart housing, smart cities and social justice

Conference Information

More information
Housing in an Unequal World
Chicago, 2015

The Theme

Growing economic inequality and socio-spatial polarization challenge both developed and developing countries. Housing policy stands at a crossroads--will our housing systems widen or close the gap between those with means and those without? Will residential neighborhoods serve as social and economic melting pots, or will they harden the boundaries reflective of the growing wealth and power of elite social groups? What should be done and what can be done are very different questions.


Can housing markets and policies better serve as one of the important factors promoting social outcomes in which all have fairer access to the opportunities and benefits that cities and neighborhoods provide?


Conference Schedule

Nam Shan Estate, by Eugene Lim

Chicago Skyline, by Sean McMenemy

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